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About Robin


A renowned trainer, speaker and consultant, Robin’s expertise is in teaching people how to stay calm, professional, and effective — especially during high-stress, high-pressure situations. Robin Rose helps people be their best when it matters most.

Reaching beyond the common model of “anger management”, Robin’s approach helps people understand exactly what happens, chemically and physiologically, when they get stressed. Robin Rose teaches people how to override the fight or flight response, how to shift from reactive impulses into more effective responses, and how to stay respectful, productive and most importantly — professional.

People walk away with immediately useful tools that allow them to move beyond the limited reactions of the survival brain back to their thinking brain. This is where all their best abilities and optimal solutions are easily accessed.

Robin’s work is based upon an in-depth understanding of brain-based research, with a particular focus on high-function brain states. She connects cutting-edge scientific information, creative problem solving, and an uncommon understanding of individual and group process. Her focus is on training people to engage their challenging moments with greater power, ease, and ability. Robin teaches people how to think and communicate clearly under pressure — skills that are essential for success in high-stress occupations and organizations.

Robin works with leaders and teams to enhance skills, integrate new behaviors, and improve performance. She makes it safe to learn new ways of working together. Clients regularly report that working with Robin is immensely practical, personally transformative, and profoundly supportive. She brings powerful learning into many different arenas, working with corporations, small businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits, and social service, healthcare and government agencies.

Robin Rose holds a masters degree in counseling/psychology from Lewis & Clark College and has been teaching, training, and consulting for over twenty years.